XR650L Acerbis Fender Modification

I decided to purchase new tires for my 2002 Honda XR650L. Since I primarily use my scoot on the street I went with a set of Avon Distanzias. While at the motorcycle store (a.k.a. candy store) I spied an Acerbis Supermoto front fender that caught my attention. I read the package information and found that this fender wasn't listed as fitting my XR650L. The person who worked at the store said that the fender was generic and gave me some sort of assurance that it would fit requiring only the need to drill holes. I can drill holes along with the best of them so I purchased the fender.

I went home and immediately removed my stock front fender in excited anticipation to install my new fender. Alas, the first aftermarket modification to my bike. As I removed the OEM fender and looked at the mounting surface I exclaimed "this ^(*#! fender won't fit."

There was indeed a slight complication. The wiring harness along with its corregated housing will prevent the installation of the fender. The new Acerbis fender had a recess similar to the original Honda fender however it wasn't sufficient enough to accomodate the wiring harness. Should I re-route the harness? Should I squash the harness between the fender and lower triple tree assembly? Should I cut the harness and just get rid of it? Maybe I should return the fender. Nope, I was going to get this sucker to fit one way or another. The following was my appooach. If you find yourself in this situation this maybe info may help.

I looked into my junk drawers and saw some automotive shock absorber bushings and got an idea, I would space the fender out using the bushings. I was concerned that simply using the bushings by themselves may cause the mounting bolts to loosen over time so I would put a metal insert within the bushings to I can achieve a positive tightening surface.

I went to the local Home Depot and looked for something I could use as the metal insert for the bushings. There I found some brass fittings in the plumbing section. I guess you could use a steel tube but I splurged for the brass fittings. I had to cut the fittings down so that they would be a little smaller that the height of the bushing. I wanted to end up with a little compression on the rubber when the bolts are tightnened.

There is one other thing to mention. The thickness of the Acerbis fender is a bit thinner than the OEM Honda fender. Because of this, the high-hat mounting washer that fits into the fender, ends up protruding above fender surface. So I trimmed the brass spacer even more to allow the high-hat washer to actually fit into the bushing.

The rest is easy. You'll need four new 6mm bolts approximately 1 1/2 in. long. I don't know what the actual metric length is. Now you're ready to bolt it up. When you finished it will look something like this.